Efficiency Radiator Making Machine 6-Cylinder Workstation 800-1300KG For Custom Production

Place of Origin Guangdong
Brand Name Foshan Sunhope
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price negotiable
Packaging Details wooden case
Delivery Time 60 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 1000 set/per month

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Product Details
Working Pressure 0.8Mpa Number Of Cylinders 6
Weight 800-1300KG Production Speed Adjustable
Operator 1-2 Core Size 900*900*56mm
Maximum Size Of Head Plate 120mm Control System Pneumatic
High Light

Efficiency Radiator Making Machine


6-Cylinder Radiator Making Machine


Custom Production Radiator Making Machine

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Product Description

Product Description:

The Radiator Making Machine, originating from China, represents a pinnacle of industrial engineering and manufacturing efficiency. Designed to meet the diverse needs of the radiator production industry, this machine has set a new standard for performance and reliability. With a substantial weight range of 800-1300KG, it is a testament to its robust construction and capability to withstand the rigorous demands of continuous operation.

At the heart of this machine's operation lies its sophisticated power supply system, which is versatile enough to accommodate both 220V and 380V inputs. This feature ensures that the radiator making machine can be deployed in a variety of industrial settings without the need for complex power conversions, making it a highly adaptable solution for businesses worldwide. The machine's electrical components are fine-tuned to deliver consistent performance, ensuring that energy consumption is optimized, and operational costs are kept to a minimum.

The Radiator Making Machine is not just about robustness and versatility; it's also synonymous with exceptional production efficiency. Capable of completing a production cycle in just 60-80 seconds, this machine is engineered to maximize throughput, ensuring that production targets are not just met but exceeded. This remarkable production speed does not come at the expense of quality, as the machine maintains the highest standards of precision and accuracy throughout its operation.

An integral part of this machine's offering is the radiator clinching machine feature. Clinching is a process used to join sheets of metal or other materials by reshaping material in the immediate vicinity of a joint. This process is performed without the need for additional components such as rivets, which streamlines the production process and reduces material costs. The radiator making machine employs advanced clinching technology to ensure a secure and durable bond between the components of the radiator, which is essential for the longevity and effectiveness of the final product.

The operational requirements of the Radiator Making Machine are designed to be lean, requiring only 1-2 operators. This reduction in necessary manpower is made possible by the machine's user-friendly interface and automated systems that guide the operators through each stage of the production process. The reduced need for human intervention not only cuts down on labor costs but also minimizes the potential for human error, leading to a more consistent and high-quality output.

In summary, the Radiator Making Machine from China is a formidable addition to any production line looking to enhance its radiator manufacturing capabilities. Weighing in at 800-1300KG and equipped with a versatile power supply that accommodates both 220V and 380V inputs, it is built for endurance and adaptability. The machine's remarkable production efficiency of 60-80 seconds per cycle, coupled with advanced radiator clinching technology, ensures a high output of quality radiators. With the need for only 1-2 operators, it presents a cost-effective solution that optimizes both labor resources and operational costs. This machine is a wise investment for any company aiming to excel in the competitive field of radiator production.


Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Product Name Radiator Making Machine
Number of cylinders 6
Maximum size of head plate 120mm
Size 1800*1600*1800mm
Working Pressure 0.8Mpa
Production efficiency 60-80sec.
Core size 900*900*56mm
Power Supply 220V/380V
Country of origin China
Control System Pneumatic


The Foshan Sunhope radiator making machine, a distinguished piece of equipment hailing from Guangdong, stands as an epitome of industrial efficiency and reliability. This machine, with a liberal price point that remains negotiable, is an investment that promises returns through its robust performance and durability. Upon purchasing, the product is securely packaged in a wooden case to ensure safe transportation to its destination.

Foshan Sunhope's radiator making machine is specifically designed to cater to the needs of businesses engaged in the manufacture of radiators. It is the perfect solution for joining radiator components with precision and strength. The machine's capability to clinch plastic tanks to the radiator core, renders it an essential asset in the production of high-quality radiators. The term 'radiator clinching machine' aptly describes this process, illustrating the machine's role in creating a sealed union between the radiator's disparate parts.

In addition to its primary function, this machine is also referred to as the 'Plastic tank clinching machine' due to its specialized application in securing plastic tanks to the radiator core. This process is crucial in ensuring that radiators perform effectively without leaks, which could otherwise compromise the cooling system's integrity. The machine's working pressure of 0.8Mpa guarantees a tight seal, ensuring the longevity and efficacy of the final product.

The Foshan Sunhope radiator making machine is an epitome of operational efficiency, requiring only 1-2 operators to manage its dual workstations. With a weight range of 800-1300KG, it is a sturdy piece of equipment that maintains a compact footprint within the production environment. Its ability to handle a maximum size of head plate of 120mm makes it versatile for various radiator sizes and designs.

Financial transactions for this indispensable machine are facilitated through flexible payment terms, including L/C (Letter of Credit) and T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), offering convenience and security to the purchaser. Whether it's a small-scale operation or a full-fledged radiator production line, the Foshan Sunhope radiator making machine is an indispensable tool that ensures quality, efficiency, and a competitive edge in the market.



Brand Name: Foshan Sunhope

Place of Origin: Guangdong

Price: Negotiable

Packaging Details: Wooden case

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Production Speed: Adjustable

Core Size: 900*900*56mm

Number of Cylinders: 6

Application: Clinching The Plastic Tank

Working Pressure: 0.8Mpa

The Foshan Sunhope radiator making machine is an advanced solution for plastic tank clinching in radiator manufacturing. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our radiator clinching machine ensures perfect clinching of plastic tanks. With its core size of 900*900*56mm and adjustable production speed, our machine can accommodate various radiator designs. The machine's 6 cylinders provide robust performance with a stable working pressure of 0.8Mpa, making it a vital tool for any radiator production line.


Support and Services:

Our Radiator Making Machine comes with comprehensive technical support and services to ensure your equipment runs at peak performance. Our product support includes access to our library of instructional materials, troubleshooting guides, and maintenance tips to help you operate and maintain your machine effectively.

We offer a range of services to support your Radiator Making Machine, including:

  • Installation Assistance: Our team can guide you through the installation process to ensure your machine is set up correctly and safely.
  • Operational Training: We provide detailed training sessions for your staff to familiarize them with the machine's operations and safety procedures.
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs: Regular maintenance is key to the longevity of your machine. We offer maintenance schedules and services to keep your machine in top condition.
  • Software Updates: As technology evolves, we provide software updates to keep your machine's software current and efficient.
  • Technical Consultation: Our experts are available to answer any technical questions you may have about machine operation or performance.
  • Parts and Repair Services: We supply genuine spare parts and offer repair services in case of any malfunction or wear and tear.

Our goal is to ensure minimal downtime and to extend the life of your Radiator Making Machine. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency.


Packing and Shipping:

The Radiator Making Machine is meticulously packaged in a heavy-duty industrial crate designed to ensure the complete protection of the machine during transit. The crate is constructed from high-quality, moisture-resistant wood, reinforced with metal strapping for added stability and security.

Before packaging, the machine is thoroughly inspected and cushioned with shock-absorbent materials to prevent any movement that could lead to damage. All sensitive components are securely fastened and covered with protective foam or bubble wrap to safeguard against scratches and impacts.

Clear labeling is affixed to the outside of the crate, providing handling instructions and indicating the upright position for the machine. This includes fragile warnings and any other necessary shipping symbols to ensure proper handling by all logistics personnel.

For shipping, the packaged Radiator Making Machine is loaded onto a pallet to facilitate easy loading and unloading via forklift. The palletized crate is then shrink-wrapped to prevent moisture ingress and to keep the packaging intact during the shipping process.

Our chosen freight carriers are experienced in handling heavy industrial equipment, ensuring that the Radiator Making Machine arrives at its destination on time and in factory condition. Upon arrival, the recipient should inspect the crate for any signs of damage before accepting the delivery. In the rare event of shipping damage, recipients are advised to report it immediately for prompt resolution.