220AV Radiator Leak Tester Pressure Unit Bar/PSI/KPA Leak Tester With Time Setting 0-999 Second

Place of Origin Guangdong
Brand Name Sunhope
Minimum Order Quantity 1 set
Price negotiable
Packaging Details wooden case
Delivery Time 60 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 1000 set/per month

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Product Details
Features Can Store 100 Thousand Groups Of Test Data To U Disk Type Leak Tester
Pressure Accuracy ±0.1 Kpa Power Supply 220AV
Working Environment 0~50℃ Name Radiator Leak Tester
Pressure Unit Bar/PSI/KPA Time Setting 0~999 Second
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KPA Radiator Leak Tester


220AV Radiator Leak Tester


220AV Radiator Leak Tester

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Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing the state-of-the-art Radiator Leak Tester, a sophisticated Air tightness differential pressure leak detector designed to ensure the utmost accuracy and reliability when testing the integrity of condenser radiators. This advanced tool is an essential device for professionals in the automotive, HVAC, and manufacturing industries who require precise detection of even the smallest leaks to maintain system efficiency and safety.

Featuring a wide display range of differential pressure from 0 to ±999 Kpa, this leak tester is capable of identifying variations in pressure with incredible precision. Its sensitivity to changes in air pressure makes it an invaluable tool for pinpointing leaks that could otherwise go unnoticed with less advanced equipment. The clear, easy-to-read digital display ensures that measurements are comprehensible, allowing for quick and effective assessment of a radiator's condition.

The sleek white design of this Air tightness differential pressure leak detector is not just for aesthetics; it also signifies the clean, precise nature of the work it performs. The color white is often associated with purity and precision, qualities that are embodied in every test conducted by this leak tester. Beyond its visual appeal, the durable construction of the device ensures it will withstand the rigors of regular use in a professional setting.

One of the standout features of this tool is its advanced Leakage rate display, which boasts a place value of four bits. This high level of detail in the readouts provides technicians with the nuanced data required for thorough analysis and accurate detection of leak rates. Whether the task at hand involves routine maintenance or troubleshooting complex issues, this feature of the Radiator Leak Tester ensures that professionals have the detailed information they need at their fingertips.

Operating within a working environment range of 0 to 50℃, the leak tester is versatile enough to function effectively in a variety of settings. Whether used in a cool, air-conditioned workshop or a warmer outdoor environment, the device maintains its accuracy and reliability. This flexibility is crucial for professionals who may encounter diverse working conditions and need equipment that can adapt without compromising performance.

The Radiator Leak Tester is classified as a Type: Leak Tester, a testament to its specialized function in the realm of air tightness testing. Its design and technology are specifically tailored for detecting and quantifying air leaks in systems like condenser radiators. By utilizing this air tightness testing machine for condenser radiator, technicians can ensure that all components of a cooling system are sealed properly and operating at optimal efficiency, which is vital for both energy conservation and system longevity.

In summary, the Radiator Leak Tester is an exceptional Air tightness testing machine for condenser radiator that combines precision, versatility, and ease of use. Its ability to display a wide range of differential pressures, work within a variety of environmental temperatures, and provide detailed leakage rate readouts makes it a must-have tool for any professional committed to maintaining the integrity of air-tight systems. With its sleek white design and robust construction, this leak tester is not just a practical investment for quality assurance, but also a professional addition to any technician's toolkit.


Technical Parameters:

Technical Parameter Specification
Pressure test range 0~300 Kpa
Minimum detectable rate 0.1KPa
Color White
Features Can Store 100 Thousand Groups Of Test Data To U Disk
Power Supply 220AV
Display range of differential pressure 0~±999 Kpa
Time setting 0~999 Second
Type Leak Tester
Leakage rate display Place Value Four Bits
Pressure Accuracy ±0.1 Kpa


The Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester, originating from Guangdong, is a cutting-edge tool designed for various applications and scenarios where precise and reliable leak detection is paramount. This leak tester is particularly suitable for automotive repair shops, assembly lines, radiator manufacturing facilities, and quality control departments within various industries. The Sunhope brand is synonymous with quality and efficiency, ensuring that this tool meets the high standards required for professional use.

One of the essential features of the Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester is its ability to store up to 100 thousand groups of test data onto a U disk. This massive data storage capacity allows for extensive record-keeping and analysis over time, which is critical for maintaining quality assurance and facilitating the troubleshooting process. The data can be used to track performance, identify patterns of failure, and support continuous improvement initiatives.

This tool boasts an impressive 0~300 Kpa pressure test range, making it versatile for detecting leaks in various components with different pressure requirements. The pressure unit can be displayed in Bar, PSI, or KPA, allowing users to work with the unit of measure they are most comfortable with or that is required by their specific industry standards. The 0~999 second Time setting feature ensures that tests are carried out for precise durations, which is crucial for consistency and repeatability in testing protocols.

The Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester is not only a high-pressure tester but also an Air Dry Radiator Tester. The ability to perform air dry testing is essential for scenarios where the radiator or component must be completely void of moisture to ensure accurate results. This is particularly important in environments where humidity can affect the outcome of the test.

With 32 Group(0~31) number of parameter channels, the Sunhope Air Leak Tester is capable of managing multiple testing parameters simultaneously. This is highly beneficial for large-scale operations that require testing of multiple parts at once or when a series of tests must be conducted with varying parameters. This level of customization and control makes the Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester an indispensable tool for ensuring the integrity of radiators and other components.

The compact and robust design of the Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester, with an outer size of 399(W)×290(D)×180(H), means it can easily be incorporated into workspaces without requiring excessive room. This makes it an ideal addition to any workshop or production line where space is at a premium but functionality cannot be compromised.

In conclusion, the Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester is an essential instrument for any operation where detecting and diagnosing leaks is crucial. Its advanced features, such as the extensive data storage, broad pressure test range, air dry testing capability, and numerous parameter channels, make it an adaptable and reliable choice for professionals across a wide range of industries.



Brand Name: Sunhope

Place of Origin: Guangdong

Color: White

Name: Radiator Leak Tester

Display range of differential pressure: 0~±999 Kpa

Pressure test range: 0~300 Kpa – suitable for a wide range of Air Tester applications

Outer size: 399(W)×290(D)×180(H) mm

This Sunhope Radiator Leak Tester is a high-precision Air tightness differential pressure leak detector designed for detecting leaks with a comprehensive 0~300 Kpa Pressure test range Air Tester . It is ideal for various industrial applications where accurate air tightness is crucial.


Support and Services:

The Radiator Leak Tester is designed to help you easily detect and locate leaks in your vehicle's cooling system. To ensure the best use of this product, please adhere to the following technical support and service guidelines:

Product Usage: Before using the Radiator Leak Tester, ensure that your vehicle's engine is cool and that the radiator is filled with coolant. Carefully follow the instructions provided with the product to avoid any damage to your vehicle or the tester itself.

Maintenance: Keep the Radiator Leak Tester clean and dry when not in use. Store it in a secure location where it is protected from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight to prevent any potential degradation of the product's materials.

Troubleshooting: If you encounter any issues while using the Radiator Leak Tester, such as an inability to create a proper seal or difficulty reading the results, please refer to the troubleshooting section of the instruction manual for guidance on common problems and their solutions.

Technical Inquiries: For more detailed technical support, please refer to the contact section in the product's instruction manual, where you will find various methods to reach our dedicated support team who can assist you further with any product-related inquiries.

Warranty Service: The Radiator Leak Tester comes with a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. If you believe your product is defective and falls under the warranty terms, please consult the warranty section of the instruction manual for information on how to proceed with a warranty claim.

We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service. Thank you for choosing our Radiator Leak Tester to help maintain your vehicle's cooling system.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Radiator Leak Tester:

The Radiator Leak Tester is securely packaged in a durable, impact-resistant plastic case designed to protect the components during transit and storage. The case is molded to fit the exact shape of the tester and its accessories, ensuring minimal movement and reducing the risk of damage. The packaging includes a foam insert for added protection and a clear, easy-to-read label on the outside detailing the product contents and handling instructions.

Shipping Information for Radiator Leak Tester:

The Radiator Leak Tester is shipped in a corrugated cardboard box that is sized appropriately to the plastic case to prevent excessive movement during transportation. The box is sealed with heavy-duty packing tape and prominently displays a "Fragile" label to alert handlers of the delicate contents within. For international shipments, the package includes all necessary customs documentation and complies with international shipping regulations to ensure a smooth delivery process.