1.5-2mm Thickness Aluminum Flat Tube For Condenser

Place of Origin Guangdong,china
Brand Name Sunhope
Minimum Order Quantity 5000PCS
Price negotiable
Packaging Details plywood case suitable for sea transportation
Delivery Time 60days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 10000-20000/one month

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Product Details
Processing Rolled Etc Surface Polished
Color Silver Product Name Aluminum Tube
Material Aluminun Alloy Thickness 3MM;Normal Pipe
Al (min) 98% Usage Industry
High Light

3mm Thickness aluminum flat tube


46mm width aluminum flat tube


46mm width aluminum square tube

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Product Description

1.5-2mm Thickness Aluminum Flat Tube For Condenser

Product technology:

1. Extra large extrusion ratio

The extrusion ratio refers to the ratio between the section area before hot extrusion and the section area after extrusion, which is generally 8 ~ 50 times, while the section area of micro-channel aluminum tube is only about 4px2, and the extrusion ratio should reach more than 400 times, which is more than 8 times of the limit process of aluminum extrusion.

2. Ultra-high dimensional accuracy

The dimensional accuracy of micro-channel aluminum tube is much higher than the national standard of "Hot Extruded Tube for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Research".According to the national standard, the size deviation of the typical variety width of 16mm is ±0.3mm, and the width deviation of the micro-channel aluminum tube is ±0.03mm, and the high requirement even needs to be improved to ±0.01 ~ ±0.02mm.

3. The air tightness

A set of micro channel heat exchanger has about 50 ~ 150 micro channel aluminum tube, as long as one air tightness defects (such as pores, inclusion, etc.), the whole air conditioner will be scrapped, so the quality standard to PPM (1 million) meter, the measurement standard is below 15PPM.

4. High quality bar

The minimum wall thickness of the micro-channel aluminum tube is only 0.13mm. If the purity and hydrogen content of the casting rod material are not up to the requirements, as long as there is a very fine pore or inclusion, the thin wall of the micro-channel aluminum tube will leak, so the high-purity refining rod must be used, the hydrogen content is less than 0.09%.

5. Surface spray zinc technology

Because there is refrigerant medium in the micro-channel aluminum tube and atmospheric corrosion outside, it is easy to leak due to pitting corrosion. A thin layer of zinc must be sprayed on its outer surface to protect the tube wall from corrosion.So far, there is no qualified zinc spraying equipment manufacturer in China, and only a very few manufacturers in the world can provide it.

6. Online flaw detection and inspection technology

Due to the difficulty of microchannel aluminum tube technology, how to use scientific and effective online flaw detection, surface quality and other detection means in the production process, timely detection (mark) defective products, is very critical to the quality control of microchannel aluminum tube.



Product parameters:

  specifications thickness(mm) width(mm) weight(kg/m)
tube R16*1.4 0.3 34.1 0.0280302
R16*1.5 0.26 34.1 0.02429284
0.28 34.1 0.02616152
0.3 34.1 0.0280302
R16*1.7 0.28 34.4 0.02639168
0.3 34.4 0.0282768
R16*1.8 0.3 34.4 0.0282768
R16*1.9 0.3 34.6 0.0284412
R16*2.0 0.26 34.6 0.02464904
R16*2.0 0.265 34.6 0.02512306
0.265 34.6 0.02512306
0.28 34.6 0.02654512
0.3 34.6 0.0284412
0.32 34.6 0.03033728
0.35 34.6 0.0331814
R18*1.5 0.3 38 0.031236
R18*2.0 0.3 38.6 0.0317292
R20*1.5 0.3 42 0.034524
R20*2.0 0.3 42.6 0.0350172
R22*1.5 0.3 46.1 0.0378942
R22.5*1.5 0.3 46.4 0.0381408
R22*2.0 0.26 46.6 0.03319784
0.28 46.6 0.03575152
0.3 46.6 0.0383052
0.32 46.6 0.04085888
R23.5*2.0 0.3 49.6 0.0407712
0.28 49.6 0.03805312
0.3 49.6 0.0407712
R24*1.2 0.3 49.6 0.0407712
R24*2.0 0.3 50.5 0.041511
R26*1.2 0.265 53.7 0.03899157
R26*1.4 0.28 54 0.0414288
0.3 53.8 0.0442236
R26*1.5 0.3 54 0.044388
R26*1.75 0.3   0
0.32   0
R26*1.8 0.3 54.2 0.0445524
R26*2.0 0.265   0
0.28   0
0.3 54.4 0.0447168
0.32 54.4 0.04769792
0.35 54.4 0.0521696
0.4 54.3 0.0595128
R27*1.2 0.265 55.7 0.04044377
R27*2.0 0.3 56.4 0.0463608
29*2.88 0.3 61.5 0.050553
R30*2.0 0.3 62.5 0.051375
R32*1.5 0.3 66 0.054252
R32*1.8 0.3 66.2 0.0544164
R32*2.00 0.3 66.5 0.054663
0.32 66.5 0.0583072
0.35 66.5 0.0637735
0.4 66.4 0.0727744
R40*2.0 0.35 82.6 0.0792134
R42*2.0 0.3 86.4 0.0710208






Product features:

      High precision machining center processing, precision transmission parts to ensure that the aluminum strip precise and accurate molding, direct molding to ensure that the tube surface is not damaged, prolong the service life.

Precision high frequency welding

Precision high frequency welding machine, to ensure the quality of weld;

     The precision welding device ensures the precision welding of the accurately formed aluminum strip, and the weld pointer ensures the continuous and accurate positioning of the weld and keeps the energy of the welder focused on the weld continuously, without welding leakage and weld deflection.




1.5-2mm Thickness  Aluminum Flat Tube For Condenser 0




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