About Bar Plate Oil Cooler

February 2, 2023

Today, the company wants to further improve and produce bar plate oil cooler, the company will study and investigate the factory, to absorb the shortcomings of the factory, find the shortcomings of their own products, so as to modify and improve, so that it can withstand greater pressure, so that it has better heat dissipation capacity, better pressure resistance, can have higher efficiency and better protect the body.


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Strip oil coolers are robust and resistant to external damage, and can withstand the most demanding forces. The company found the greatest advantage of the plant: the fineness and excellent test results. Comparisons are made in the fins and useful improvement information is derived. This makes the heat dissipation of the bar plate oil cooler even better. By starting to assemble a complete bar plate oil cooler, we have a better understanding of the overall structure of this product and more deficiencies of the company in aluminum, making bar plate oil cooler more perfect.


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The factory has a perfect working system, first the workers install the aluminum strip aluminum plate and the wave belt in a certain order, and then push the brazing workshop for edge welding, then enter the brazing furnace, then cool, and finally dry. A perfect bar plate oil cooler was completed. Durable rod plate cooler design for custom applications, dual channel design for optimal fluid temperature reduction, M8x1.25 welded plugs for attachment brackets. We are selling our products. Readers with ideas can consult our website.https://www.radiatormakingmachine.com/