Semi-automatic Clinching machine Project

August 17, 2021
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A pakistan customer orders a radiator making machine from us.

Semi-automatic Clinching machine 

Packing: packed in wooden case


Specifications as follows:

1. header plate max width: 120 mm.

2. header plate max long: 1000mm.

3. core height: 1100mm :

4. Power: 220V, AC Single phase, 370W,

5. pressure: 0.6Mpa, :

6. Machine size: 1275mm(L)*1270mm(W)*1880mm (H):

7, weight: 350-400kg :

8, Operation mode: semi-automatic :

9. Clinching head number and size: 2 size of clinching head provide 40mm, 20mm.

9. 5 Cylinders sliding will arrangement by rail.

10. Side clinching by hand tools (not including, should buy separated)

11. Clinching method: Both side or single side clinching is available.


operation instructions:

1. 1.The movement of tool slide is manually operated, operator can repeat the clinching in free.

2. The stroke control is runing on the rail, operator can move the clinching head in free.

3. Turn the turntable to adjust the width of the headplate and keep the 4mm gap. Press the button to automatically clamp the headplate.

4. Twist the knob at the top of the manipulator can adjust the height of the clinching.

5. Adjust the clinching head of the screw can adjust the longitudinal buckling distance


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